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BAML Ads appear at positions where users and potential customers will see them at a glance. Care has been taken to make the Ads so legible and visible. This can be seen at the first page of the site and product pages, thus providing an instant visibility boost.

How you can increase sales

You can do this by sponsoring your Products and Services on BAML site. This enables you put your products to a greater number of audience through our affiliations to other e-commerce service providers with large user population as well as other social media networks to grow your sales on BAML by reaching customers who are searching for products like yours and driving them to your product page.

You can also Control your costs

We also offer Advertisements services on cost per click basis; this means you only pay when customers click your advertisements. You control how much you spend by setting your budget and choosing how much to bid per clic.

Who can use Sponsored Products and services?

Professional service providers, handyman service providers, vendors, and real estate agencies. Products must be in one or more viable categories and be available in stock in order to advertise.

  • Why Should I Advertise on Buildings and More?
  • Buildings and More offers unique access to the full spectrum of stakeholders in the Buildings, Construction, and related Industries. Our audience cuts across manufacturers, professionals, handymen, artisans, landowners, realtors, vendors, and down to consumers.
    By advertising your product or brand on Buildings and More, you will be selling directly to a ready market eager to patronize you.

  • What Kind Of Adverts Can You Place on Our Platforms
  • The Advert Placement Options presently offered by our platform are summarized as follows:

    Premium Features: Businesses, manufacturers and vendors who want to create awareness about a new product, or generate interest in an existing product can feature their products on our Featured Products section. Before advertising a product, ensure that it is in one or more viable categories and that it is in stock.

    Realtors too can take advantage of our Featured Properties to increase the visibility of their properties on our Real Estate page. All forms of properties can be listed here ; undeveloped, semi-developed, and fully-developed properties ,as long as they conform to our guidelines.

    Professionals and Handymen can also advertise their profiles on our Featured Professionals and Featured Handymen section respectively. To showcase their profile, interested persons must have been on the platform for up to six months and have earned, at least, a 4.5-star rating.

    However, this section is not limited to sponsored profiles alone. Professionals and Handymen with an impressive track record can also earn an unsponsored feature in this category.

    Also, we have the Featured Ideas section. This is to enable everyone; Brands, Manufacturers, Merchants, Professionals, and Handymen to showcase their creativity and versatility to a wider audience. For example, Architects or Cabinet Refacers can showcase their designs or projects, while manufacturers and vendors can promote a unique capability or feature of their products.

    This unique opportunity can also be used to showcase Featured Products, Featured Professionals, Featured Properties, and Featured Ideas.

    Display Image Ads:
    Banner Ads: These are the adverts that are displayed as banners on specific web pages. This prime position ensures that visitors see the advert as soon as they land on the webpage. The dimensions of our banner ads are ...

    Display Image Ads: These are images of ads that are displayed on the sides of specific web pages. Depending on the layout, some pages will display these ads on the right side while some will display them on the left side.

    It is important to note that display image ads are only visible on large screens like desktops and laptops.

    Email Outreach: Through our periodic newsletters, we communicate with our expansive community of professionals, consumers, and other industry stakeholders. We send two newsletters to our various audience groups weekly ; one on industry and market insights and the other to introduce them to new or trending products.

    We offer a spotlight in these newsletters and can also send dedicated advertorial emails on behalf of our sponsors. You can craft the email yourself, or we can craft it for you. However, we may edit it in line with our guidelines.

    Kindly note that we DO NOT give out the contact information of our subscribers for whatever reason. All emails will be sent by us.

    Blog Content: We frequently update our blog with content that will interest our audience. While some posts are strictly unsponsored, we provide an opportunity for businesses and users to feature their products and services on our blog content. We offer Product Spotlights, Mentions, Dedicated Posts, and Guest Posts.

    We can effectively promote your brand or products with posts that are dedicated to topics that you approve of. We can also mention you on relevant blog articles that are always both informative and subtly advertorial.

    If you have articles of your own, you can send them to us to publish as Guest Posts. Keep in mind that articles that you wish to publish must be in line with our set Blog Post Guidelines or they will be rejected.

    Polls and Surveys: Polls and Surveys are great ways through which you can gain insight into current and future market trends. Listening to the voice of your customer tells you the preferences of your consumers which will, in turn, guide your product development process. The result of this is a product that will sell itself.

    You can design surveys with our Survey Builder and publish them on our various forums to gain useful insight.

    Forum topics: In addition to Polls and Surveys, sponsored forum topics provide a great way to deeply understand how your customers interact with your products and perceive your brand. This can also stir interest in your brand or products, and help you identify opportunities for growth and development. Take advantage of our audience-specific forums to understand and interact with your highest-intent customers.

  • Who Can Advertise on Buildings and More?
  • Brands: Brands can boost their image and increase sales by taking advantage of our various ad placement options. They can also advertise job vacancies and project proposals on our platform to improve their chances of attracting competent applicants.

    This includes key agencies in the construction and housing sector like financial institutions that offer mortgage services, security agencies, home maintenance and housekeeping agencies, etc.

    Vendors: In addition to the options mentioned above, vendors can boost the visibility of products in their store by sponsoring selected products so that they can rank higher in search results. This will make sure that those products are displayed in a prime position when customers search for them.

    Professionals and Handymen: By advertising their profiles, ideas, and creations, professionals and handymen can gain access to high-paying customers and be considered for big projects.

    Realtors: Agents and property owners who wish to accelerate the sale of properties they have listed can take advantage of our Featured Properties advert placement option. When they sponsor a property in their listing, it will be showcased as a featured property and will also rank higher in applicable search results.

    Users: Project Developers and users who are about to embark on projects can put out an open call for professionals that they will need on the project.

    This way, you don’t have to search for the professionals and handymen that your project needs individually. You can have competent professionals and handymen apply to work on your project while you choose the applicants that you consider most suitable.

  • Who can use Sponsored Products and services?
  • Professional service providers, handyman service providers, vendors, and real estate agencies. The products you sponsor must be in one or more product categories and be available in stock before you advertise.


Your adverts may be displayed at the top of, alongside, or within search results and on product pages. Ads may appear on both desktop and mobile.

You choose the duration you can afford that suites your campaign and pay into BAML account. The product or service you are promoting will automatically be displayed on the home page under “featured” section. <br> You can also sponsor your product or service through add words by paying for such key words popping up with related service or product when users search for such key words. The more competitive your bid, the more likely your ad is to be displayed when it matches a BAML customer's search.

BAML do not support adult products, unverified used products, unverified refurbished products, and products not in open categories.

Sponsoring Products can help you achieve a variety of results, which range from creating awareness of a new product to promoting periodic items or creating more demand for a best seller. <br>BAML provide a range of tools and reports that make it easy to analyze campaign performance and measure successes and reach for a product or product categories. Once you have started your campaign, you can review all reports on the reporting page.

Cost-per-click (CPC) advertising is a type of paid advertising where products are display at no costs or charges. This means that ad impressions, or views, are at zero cost and the advertiser is charged only when a customer clicks on the advert.

By Sponsoring your Brand, it helps high-intent customers discover and associate with your brand as they research on Buildings & More.

Your ads can be displayed on top of the home page, under featured headings, alongside or in between, or within search results. Ads may appear on both desktop format and mobile devices.

You can sponsor your product or service from your page. You choose the duration you can afford and proceed to making payments into BAML Account. After this is done, your product or service appears on the home page for the duration of time you paid for. <br>This puts your product or service in plain view of our users.

Sponsored Display is available for professional sellers enrolled in the BAML Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies with clients who sell products on Buildings & More. Products must be in one or more eligible categories in order to advertise. <br>How Sponsored Display works <br>Reach the right audiences for your business <br>Audiences are automatically created based on relevant BAML shopping activities to help you achieve your business objectives <br>Maximize impact with minimal effort <br>Without extensive resources you can quickly promote your full product catalogue with creatives that are auto-generated and optimized for conversions. <br>Support your business objectives <br>Sponsored Display helps businesses large and small measure and meet their goals – from product awareness to consideration and conversion.

Sponsoring your brands can help you achieve a variety of results, which range from creating awareness of a new product to promoting periodic items or creating more demand for a best seller. <br> BAML provides a range of tools and reports that help you review and analyze your campaign performance and measure success. <br>Our new app, which is currently under development will enable us monitor your New-to-brand scale, which allows you to know how many first-time customers your ad brought within a specific period of time, and advertising cost of sales (ACOS) represents your ad spending as a percentage of sales.

Sponsored Display gives you the opportunity to quickly; in just a few clicks; set up display campaigns that run both on and off Buildings & More. Simply select your audience, set your bid and daily budget, choose your products to advertise, and create your campaign. Ad creatives are automatically generated with the same familiar features as sponsored ads, including a product image, pricing, badging, star rating, and Shop now button that links back to your product detail page, making it easy for customers to browse or buy.

Reach audiences who showed interest in categories related to your promoted product. Reengage customers off BAML who previously viewed your product detail page but haven’t yet purchased. You can also target the detail pages of specific products or product categories on Buildings & More.

Your ads may appear both on and off BAML on desktop/laptop screens, mobile sites and apps based on the audiences or product targeting strategy you choose.

Sponsored Display uses browsing and buying signals to automatically reach audiences who may be interested in your promoted product.

Sponsored Display ads are purchased on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. CPC advertising is a type of paid advertising where ads display at no charge; ad impressions, or views, are free; and you’re charged only when a customer clicks your ad. There is no minimum ad investment required. Advertisers choose their daily bid and budget.

Sponsored Display can help you raise your product awareness, consideration, and conversion by displaying your ad to shoppers both on and off Buildings & More. Ad creative includes a Shop now button that links back to your detail page on Buildings & More. <br> Advertisers can use the same familiar campaign metrics available within our sponsored ads suite to understand campaign performance. Advertisers will soon see additional BAML Advertising display metrics, such as detail page views, add to carts, and new-to-brand metrics, that demonstrate how Sponsored Display can further help grow your business..

Sponsored Display is available to proffessional sellers enrolled in the BAML Brand Registry, vendors, and agencies with clients who sell products on BAML in Nigeria.

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