Become a Realtor on Buildings and More.

    We have developed a platform that will enable property owners, developers, and their agents to directly market their properties to a large community of potential buyers.

    Realtors are further sub categorized as Agent, Estate Agency, Property Owner, and Property Developer.

    Take Advantage of our Real Estate section to Sell Your Properties Fast.

    We have designed ‘REAL ESTATE’ to make sure that every property you post is visible to the right customers. Properties are displayed according to location, property type, price, and features.

    You can leverage our robust marketing options and innovative property search functionality to showcase your properties to our users and visitors.

    What Are the Benefits of Listing Your Properties on Buildings and More?

    Low Registration Cost Sell Without Middlemen
    We have an ongoing promotional offer so registration is free for now.

    If you are unable to register before this offer expires, you will be required to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee before listing or advertising your properties.
    Reach your most likely customers in a jiffy.

    Your customers will contact you directly so you won’t need a middleman.
    List Your Properties without Restrictions Build a Trustworthy Agency
    There is no maximum number of properties that you can list.

    As long as you have the authorization of the property owner(s), you can list as many properties as you like, for as long as you like.
    When your customers rate your properties or services on our platform, their rating is used to boost your Realtor, Owner, or Developer Rating so that prospective customers are assured of your credibility.

    When you reach our threshold, you will earn an Agency categorization.
    How Can I Find Prospects on Buildings & More?

    We know that your priority is to find customers that will lease or buy your property and we have developed ways to facilitate this.

    However, you must make sure that every property you list meets our requirements to be sure that we will publish it.

    1. Get Discovered

    When prospects search for properties on ‘REAL ESTATE’, your property will show up in the search result if it fits their search criteria. They can proceed to schedule a physical inspection of the property or make an outright payment for the property.

    If you are an agency that offers other services, customers and prospects will be able to see the services you offer in your portfolio.

    2. Advertise Your Properties

    If you would like to give your properties even more publicity, we have a robust advertisement service that you can leverage on.

    How Do I Register on Buildings and More?

    To list your properties on Buildings and More, your first step is to register as a member. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to our family, and you can log into your dashboard.

    On your dashboard, you will see the Real Estate section of your profile. Click on it and provide the necessary information. When you have done this, your property will be submitted to us for approval and published once approval is granted. Depending on the type of property, it typically takes 24 hours for a property to be approved.

    The summary of all the steps you’ll take are as follows:

    Register as a Member

    Set Up Your Realtor Profile

    List Your Properties

    Respond to Inquiries from Prospects

    If you’re a registered Real Estate Company and you wish to list your properties on Buildings and More, you will be required to provide appropriate certifications and licenses.

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