Become a Buildings and More Vendor.

    Intro: Our vendors are legitimate business owners who sell their products on the Buildings and More ‘SHOP’. By selling on SHOP, you enjoy the advantage of displaying a wide range of products to potential customers who are looking to buy.

    Once you’re registered as a vendor, you will be able to manage your page and products by yourself. We also offer other support services that will convince customers to buy from SHOP at no extra cost to you.

    What do Buildings and More Vendors do?

    As a merchant with us, you are responsible for what is published about your product. You will acquire your product images and write your product descriptions.

    When a customer places an order for your products, you will be instantly informed. You should, first, review the details of the order to understand the customer’s needs. If you are confused about anything, place a call to the customer through the phone number they provided and verify the order details.

    We expect that you will begin to package the product for shipping/delivery immediately after reviewing the order.

    Who guarantees the products on ‘SHOP’?

    You guarantee the products you display on ‘SHOP’.

    Ensure that the products you upload are in stock. Once you run out of stock for a product, deactivate it until you restock.

    You must provide genuine information on every product, respo0nd to customers’ questions, choose an efficient logistics service, and ensure that goods arrive at their destinations safely.

    The packaging materials are also your responsibility. Ensure that your packaging and shipping/delivery option considers the safety of the shipment. If the product is fragile, take extra care to protect it from damage.

    Find out more about what is expected of you as a vendor on Buildings and More.

    What Are the Vendor Fees?

    There are two basic fees that you are expected to pay as a vendor;

    1. Store Maintenance Fee:

    This fee covers part of the technical cost of maintaining your store on our platform. It costs N10,000 monthly.

    2. Sales Commission:

    We receive a 15% commission on every product that you sell on our platform. Take care to factor this into the price that you attribute to a product.

  • How do I Start Selling On Buildings and More?
  • To sell on Buildings and More, you will be required to follow the process below:

    Register as a Vendor

    Set Up Your Business Profile

    Upload Your Products to Your Store

    Start Selling

    Before we approve your products, there is a mandatory business verification process that will be done. Not to worry, the size of your business does not matter. We just want to be sure that you are a legitimate business and that the information you supplied is correct.

    If you have any questions or need clarification on anything, please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to respond to you on time.

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