Become a Buildings and More Handyman.

    Intro: A handyman is a person who has a skill set that enables them to handle a wide range of mildly technical service needs in a building. This can include but is not limited to repairs, servicing and maintenance, installations, modifications, fabrications, and manual jobs.

    What Do Our Handymen Do? The capabilities of our handymen range from interior to exterior works. They are great for less technical fix-up tasks that demand multiple skills. An example of such a task is fixing the floor drain of your bathroom ; hiring a handyman that has some knowledge in plumbing and tiling might be more cost-effective than hiring both a professional tiler and a professional plumber.

    Handymen are also sometimes called Fixers, Repairers, Handypersons, or Handy-Worker.

    How Competent Should a Handyman be to Register with Us?

    The competence of handymen hinges strongly on their training and experience. Unlike Professionals, handymen do not need to have certifications or belong to professional organizations. Being a member of a trade union is enough if it is paired with sincerity, good manners, and excellent finishing.

    If you fit these criteria and have commendable work ethics, then we invite you to register with us.

  • What are the Benefits of Joining Us?

  • NO Registration Costs Get Quality Job Opportunities
    Registration is free!

    As long as you meet our criteria, you will become one of us.
    Get access to well-paying clients in your area that will not tell stories about your pay. Once you have evaluated a job and agreed on a price, we secure your payment.
    Build Customers’ Trust Increase Your Knowledge
    Showcase the high ratings and positive reviews on your Buildings and More profile to convince new clients that you are competent. Our periodic newsletters, training, and seminars are designed to improve your skills and keep you up-to-date on new techniques and modern tools.

    How Do Professionals Get Jobs on Buildings and More?

    Our professionals are an important part of us. We want to help you find quality projects that are in line with your expectations.>

    Whether you prefer projects that are close to you or are willing to travel to work on distant projects, we’ll help you find what you need.>

    There are three ways to get hired on Buildings and More:>

    Receive Job Calls from Potential Clients

    On your professional profile, you can display pre-packaged services and their prices. Consequently, when visitors view your profile, they can order your pre-packaged services which will mean that you have been automatically hired. You will be notified whenever this happens.

    Get Discovered

    We make it possible for potential clients to find and engage your services while shopping on SHOP. When they search for products that are related to your specialization, your profile could also turn up in the search results so that you’ll be considered for the job.

    Furthermore, your services are tied to products that relate to your area of expertise (e.g, wood boards are tied to carpenters). When customers go on to make purchases, you will automatically be suggested to them as a qualified service provider. However, only professionals that sponsor their profiles or perform outstandingly well, will enjoy this extra benefit.

    Apply to Project Calls

    Clients might not wish or have the time to search for competent professionals for their projects. Especially for big projects that will require many skilled workers, a client might opt to make a Project Call by publishing the nature of their project and the products, professionals, and handymen that they believe they will need.

    When a customer makes a Project Call, suitable personnel with the project’s expertise can apply to be considered for the project. The client will review all sent in applications, interview the applicants that stand out to them, and select those that they consider suitable to work on their project.

    Should you be invited for an interview or selected by a client for a job, you will be duly notified. We advise that interviews be conducted remotely; either via voice call or video call.

    Special Requests

    A client might have a job that needs skilled services but not know which professional or handyman they should hire. In such a situation, they can reach out to our Project Fulfillment team who will help them understand the nature of their project and help them find a suitable service provider.

    We may suggest suitable professionals, but the final decision is up to the client. If you are chosen as the professional that they prefer, you will be contacted with the job offer and be provided with the client’s budget and the details of the job. You have a right to either accept or reject the job and provide a quote if one hasn’t been established yet.

  • How to Apply to Become a Professional.
  • 1. Help Us to Identify You 2. Create Your Login Details 3. Tell Us About Yourself and Provide Your Contact Details 4. Tell Us About Your Business as a Handyman 5. Your Account is Approved!
    - On the homepage, click on Register and select Register as a Handyman.

    - Enter the requested details; your names, date of birth, phone number, and gender, then click on Continue. (If you are in Nigeria, your country code is +234)
    - Enter your official email address.

    - Assign a password to your account.

    - Click on Continue to proceed to the next step.

    - Enter the phone number that you use for business. (If you are in Nigeria, your country code is still +234).

    - Enter your address details.

    - Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you like to work.

    - Click on Continue.

    - Tell us the name of your business.

    - Select your educational qualification.

    All applicants are expected to have, at least, an SSCE certificate.

    Don’t worry about your grades or how old your certificate is.

    - Select the services that you can offer.

    - Upload your business logo if you have one. (This is optional.)

    - Upload your SSCE certificate and a government-issued ID (This could be a National ID card, a Drivers’ License, an International Passport, or a Permanent Voter’s Card.)

    If you agree to the terms and conditions, tap the checkbox.

    Click on Create Account.

    - We’ll verify the information you’ve provided. This usually takes 24 to 48 hours

    - If the information that you provided is credible, your account will be approved and you will be notified through an email or SMS.

    - On getting approved, you can start building up your profile and applying to project calls.

    Before applying to become a professional on Buildings and More, ensure that you meet our requirements to avoid having your application declined.

    When registering as a professional, ensure that you have the appropriate certifications or license, or membership qualification to accompany your application. If you are not duly certified but have the necessary skills, consider registering as a handyman.

    If you are an agency that provides diverse professional services, kindly contact us to know how you can register on the platform.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

    I can’t go through the registration process right now. How can I get help?

    How much does it cost to register as a Professional?

    Are there any fees that I have to pay?

    What are the commission rates on jobs?

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